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Now offered at 642 Kreag Road!

Mother and Baby on Floor


0-12 months

Not sure what to do with your infant all day long? Sarah will share engaging songs and stories your little one is sure to love, plus show you ways to play with a variety of items you already have at home. Support your little one's development without spending a fortune on Amazon. Each session will also include a speech and language strategy as well as signs you can start using with your little one right away!

Check back soon for 2023 offerings.

Preschool Class


3-6 years

This play-based program, created by Simon Says Speech, focuses on teaching children proper oral and facial postures at rest, during speech and swallowing. It also aims to reestablish nasal breathing which has been linked to better overall health. With proper oral and facial postures, symptoms such as chewing/ swallowing difficulties, speech sound errors, snoring/ sleep apnea, and persistent oral habits can become easier to treat.

Check back soon for registration information.

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